1、Control Valve selection:

The particularity of control valve selection should be pay much more attention in the purchase , it involves a variety of different parameters of the working condition, choose to meet the technological requirements and best cost performance of control valve need technical personnel with rich experience. Our technical department can save a lot of problems for customers according to the 30 years of experience in manufacturing and practice.

  • Determine the operating condition

    Fluid characteristic and etc.
    Choose the PN pressure rating suitable for the requirement of valve body and trim
  • Choose the size of the valve body and trim

    Depends on the CV. Value
    Notice the stroke, valve trim and valve closes level and etc.
  • Select the fixed material of valve trim

    to match the operating condition
  • Options

    Consider special material or other requests

2、Tailor-made product:

Control valve has a wide range application, when extremely special condition appear in the complex working environment, we will give you a solution of customized control valve based on our 30 years of experience in manufacture, research and development.