Headquarter :

Rui'an city, located in the middle of Chinese gold coastline, between Shanghai economic zone and Xiazhangquan City Golden Delta , is a prosperous city with well-developed business since ancient times Since the reform and opening up in China, Rui'an walk in the forefront of the country in the establishment of the socialist market economic system, here is the county-level open city and comprehensive reform experiment zone approved by Chinese government, it's also one of the most vigorous area in the development of our national economy.
The headquarter of our company is located in Tingtian, Rui'an, where have convenient transportation, developed economy , beautiful scenery. Riumorn will welcome your visit with our characteristic enthusiasm

  • Company Address
  • Add : No.211 Dongxin Rd., Tingtian Town, Rui'an, Zhejiang, China
    Tel : 86-577-65102626 (Sales)
  • Post Code : 325206
    86-577-65500010 (Sales)
  • Fax : 86-577-65505510
    86-21-50428622 (After-sales)
  • E-mail : sales@rmvalve.com (Sales)       info@rmvalve.com (After-sales)

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